March 4, 2005

Ciaran's Day

Ciaran had a great day. We got up before the rest of the family (well Serona was already at work, bless his heart) and had some time for just us which was nice. He was very motivated to do work. We have been keeping a sticker chart for all his work and chores and he has enjoyed getting each next sticker. This morning before anyone else got up he did three file folder games (opposites and color matching) and two puzzles, color matching and ABC's. He helped play with Sirah so I could finish my morning workout (a walk aerobics dvd) and then he matched ABC blocks with ABC flash cards and did his whole alphabet by himself, I was so proud of him!

This afternoon we played with magnets all day based on his interest. Yesterday while I was cooking he started playing with a refrigerator magnet and a paperclip and was fascinated at how they stuck together. He started asking more and more questions and we read a book on magnets that we had at the house. Then he asked to do more so we spent all afternoon playing with magnets. You can read more here.

We spent some time at the library and generally he was a helper around the house throughout the day. He built a tent with Rhiannon and Sirah and enjoyed playing with his bow and arrow and in their pretend world. He really had fun with the magnets and continued with the activities long after the lessons stopped. He kept sticking magnets near everything to see if they would stick or not, he especially loved seeing what magnets would still work through, trying his shirt, paper, tables, plastic, blankets and anything he could find.

At the end of the day he could explain quite a bit about magnets, but more importantly I think he really had a fun day based on his interests. And for once it was not FROGS. As much as I have grown to embrace and love frogs, it was a refreshing change of pace. I have a few more magnet things planned for the weekend. I love having these special connecting days and moments with him.


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