March 31, 2005

Countries of the World Lesson Plan

We will be studying one country a month here. We will immerse ourself in that country and do a wide variety of things from learning about it to experiments to eating food, making flags, and reading stories from and about the country. We will continue with our work from our recent country co-op and keep a weekly schedule - but also go beyond that schedule to include things in our daily learning that stick with our country theme.

The basic format we will follow is a four week format - emphasizing the following things each week:

Week One - Welcome to the Country

Maps - starting with a blank map from Enchanted Learning we will fill in the waters, rivers, mountains, deserts, capital, etc

Language - saying hello and goodbye, i love you, count to ten

Currency - names and pictures, actual when available.

Flag - learn the symbolism behind it and make an actual replica out of felt and dowel rods

Passport - stamp in our passport from country

WEEK TWO - Background of the country

History - acting out or living history whenever possible

Invention or Science Experiment - hands on activity

Government - make diagram of type of government - brief overview - compare and contrast to US and other governments

Animals - learn about the different animals of the country - each child will focus on one and draw pictures or write a report.

Week Three - People and Events of the Country

Dress and/or Customs
Tasting Food from country
Religion and/or Art
Festivals or Holidays

WEEK FOUR - Experience the Country
Field Trip or Restuarant related to country

Some things that will occur the whole month - eating meals or snacks from country, reading folktales and stories from the country. Reading books related to what we are studying, playing games from that country, watching movies associated with country or things learned.

Feel free to use this format or another that works better for you. Pass it on to others, just please be sure to include a link back here. Happy travelling.


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