March 5, 2005

Rhiannon's Progress

When I first started this blog I envisioned it being a complete record of our homeschool work. I have come to realize that is not realistic. It does contain the highlights and much of the more interesting aspects of our work and journey. It is an excellent place for those often unrecorded "teachable moments" that are so prevalent in our days. It is an excellent place for me to keep resources and lessons that I want to be sure both to remember and to use again with Sirah and Ciaran. It is nice that I can share our ideas with all of you, so you can use any of the ones that interest you.

Yet I realize that much of what we do is not recorded or even mentioned here. The sentence "Rhiannon did a worksheet" can and should only be uttered so many times, and daily would not be that interesting or that useful for my records. So I keep a binder with all her work, and another for Ciaran and each have their own binder dedicated just to coop studies. Here I keep both the broader picture and some of the details I want to remember. Still there is quite a bit to our program that I am not blogging about daily.

Rhiannon has been steadily working through Phonics Pathways, Miquon Math, and First Language Lessons. We have regular bible study and bible verse memorization, and poetry memorization and presentation. She does narrations and we work through some Story of the World as she is interested. She keeps a nature notebook and we listen to classical music daily. We examine works of art from time to time and she reads aloud to me and/or a sibling for atleast 30 minutes a day.

We have both a structured and unstructured part of our curriculum. We follow some classical method, some Charlotte Mason and some Unit Studies. It seems we float in and out of these styles throughout the day and even sometimes in the same lessons. So far it seems to be a good fit for us. Just wanted to record that here.


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  1. You do an amazing job already with your "academic styled" blogging!

    I had a dream blog in mind when I started writing about our day. I had every intent of adding our booklists, a complete low down of each outing, and a bit on major accomplishments. I realized before starting that I couldn't fit in the day to day ordinary "stuff" and "studies". Then, once I actually started, *laughing here* I found I was hardly blogging about homeschooling!

    You have stayed true to your blog mission/philosophy. It's working -and there's no need to apologize. And for heaven's sake - as homeschoolers, we KNOW you are doing far, far more than what is written! Your dedication shines through your words. You are leaving a wonderful diary for your children to enjoy some day in the future. Thanks for letting us read it now.