March 29, 2005

Past Few Days

The past few days have been very enjoyable - we had a nice Easter at home. The kids got wired on candy - a rarity in our home and we spent the day together relaxing.

Ciaran's birthday was also this weekend, he turned 4. It was a frog day complete with a frog cake, several frog presents and two trips to the local ponds to try to find frogs (who must still be hibernating under all the ice). He was very excited for several of his presents. He has yet to take off this really cool frog tshirt he got with glow in the dark detachable frogs. He has also worn his new knight costume pretty much nonstop other than when we make him take it off to eat, sleep and play in the mud. The frog table Serona and I painted him seems to have been a hit as was the Razor scooter Serona picked up on his way home from work that night to be the big surprise. He was and is still thrilled.

The weather has been outstanding - mid 60's just perfect for being outside. Unfortunately there is so much standing water around that it is sheer mud, especially in our yard which the two dogs tear around in and tear up. But once you embrace the mud and the dirt it has been wonderful. We have spent a good portion of each day outside. We have been meeting new neighbors at our local playground and just along the street. We have had a grand time enjoying the outdoors and the very early stages of spring.


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  1. *~*~*~*HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CIARAN~*~*~*