March 7, 2005

Do More?!?!?!?

Many of you know Dy and love her inspiration as much as I do. Recently she made a post about how women constantly find themselves having to do more and more yet again. The whole piece is worth a read, here is a highlight:

"This isn't about taking on more than you can handle or schedule. This isn't about trying to be everything to everyone. This is about reaching deeper inside yourself and finding the strength to do far more than you thought possible, when you are truly called upon to do just that. It's something that would benefit society greatly if more of us would do it on a regular basis."

I would add that often we find ourselves called to do more at the times we have less. Less Husband due to travel, less money, less time, less health, less sleep and the list goes on. Doing more with less is in nearly any mother's job description, especially a stay at home mom and homeschooling ones at that.

Personally, I find that God is the source of my strength and what allows me to do more and I need to remember o draw from him and not myself. Also drinking water. Surprised? I was but I am much more energetic and less grouchy when I drink enough. Exercise, good nutrition all help, as does remembering to take time to refresh yourself, even if it is just 10 minutes.

Also the motivation to take good care of my children, husband, house, body whatever can help me find what I need to dig down deeper than I ever knew I could. When we give to others we can find it much easier than when we give to ourselves.

What are your strategies?



  1. You covered most of my strategies. I thought I would add taking the time to still your thoughts and breathe deeply gives energy too.

  2. It took me years to figure it out, but I agree with drinking water. I find I have so much more energy and feel so much better when I am drinking water instead of pop.