March 23, 2005

Rhiannon Update

It seems that Rhiannon's studies are taking on a more serious note lately as it is all clicking together for her. It seems her understanding of numbers and math concepts, her handwriting, her interest in art and her ability to read fluently have just all come together recently.

In response I bought her a composition notebook for her to keep all her copywork in. Today she spent some time writing in a poem she had memorized called "Work" by Anonymous. She was disciplined and focused and her work showed that as it was very well done. Up until now she has just been writing on pieces of paper that I place in her binder. She was also insistent on using markers and working through things quickly but now she uses pencils and erases her mistakes and is showing some real pride in her work. She wants it to be nice.

Rhia has also begun drawing more and more detailed pictures and coloring them in with crayons and colored pencils. She enjoys making books and stories for people and can write more and more words herself now. I love these precious first drawings with stick figures and bumble bees and lots of flowers and suns. They are colorful, cheerful and lift your spirits. She is showing her caring and loving side in these pictures. She seems to enjoy making them as well. I bought another book to start a more seious "Nature Notebook" with her this spring. Until now we had a sketch book that she has been drawing in, but I noticed she gets upset when she makes mistakes - so now she can draw on blank sheets until it is what she likes and then glue it into her book when she is happy with it and add a few lines of description.

She is absolutely in love with her Picture Bible, which is an updated version of the same one Serona had as a young boy. She is avidly reading it each day and night. It is a full bible but told in a comic book style, she seems to really enjoy it. She has also been very into reading Amelia Bedelia books and easy readers about Abraham Lincoln. She wants to go back to South Dakota so she can see Mount Rushmore.

Lately she has been doing school work in either her Cinderella dress up costume or her Laura and Mary dress and apron. Not sure if it is a coincidence but I really believe she is much more disciplined and focused when wearing the LHP dress. Wonder if she thinks about how schooling was during that time, or if the Cinderella dress distracts her more. I am not one to care what she is wearing while she works as long as she gets her stuff done and if it is more fun for her - all the better.

Things are going very smoothly right now with Rhiannon. I am enjoying schooling her, playing with her and just being with her.


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