March 18, 2005

Web Calendar

I have long been looking for a solution to our scheduling as a family. Serona was determined that we have an electronic solution - the problem is we have so many different computers with different OS and software - not to mention that he uses a blackberry and I use a Palm, so believe it or not syncing all that information was difficult. We seem to have finally found a solution, a web based calendar. There are some available for free here. We are using one on a friends server that he created for us so that it would directly include any items added to my homeschool support groups online calendar. So as a family we have a calendar that includes anything our group posts but the group calendar does not include our personal schedule, unless we want it to - I can double post if I want. It seems to work well, especially with all the travel Serona has been doing. It is accessible by any computer with an internet connection.

Now we can easily be on the same page and keep up with one another's and our family schedule. Many of these calendars allow each individual to have their own personal calendar plus a common one that everyone shares, perfect for tech savvy and busy families. I have been slow to accept anything as a replacement for my big paper calendar in my kitchen, but this is just as good and as long as I keep a tab open with it all the time, just as quick. I can print out copies of it as well to have with me when I need. I recommend it.


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