March 12, 2005

Woolly Mammoths

Rhiannon has been really into Woolly Mammoths this week and it has been the basis for much of our schoolwork. She picked up a video at the library at the last minute and then surprisingly both kids were glued to the television for a discovery channel documentary about the "Land of the Mammoth" - the main focus of the film was on the discovery of mammoth remains and how the scientists studied them. The kids found it very interesting I was surprised, even Ciaran sat through the whole thing and asked questions. We happened to have two books here on Woolly Mammoths and read them, then Rhiannon asked to go to the library to get more. At the library she used the computer and found them with little help from me, she was excited. They were nonfiction books again. I also rented the film Ice Age as I recalled that it had a Woolly Mammoth as a main charachter.

Rhiannon printed out a worksheet and labelled the body parts of the mammoth and colored a sheet and read me some facts. She flipped through other animal books we have looking for pictures of mammoths and went surfing with me online looking for more pictures of them. It was interesting to see her get so interested in something.


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