March 22, 2005

March Reading List

This is a far from complete list this month, blogging has been sparse and keeping track of reading has been lax, especially Rhiannon's reads. She has been reading several books a day.

Marvin K Mooney Will You Please Go Now - Dr Suess
Go Dog Go - Eastman, PD
Oh Say Can You Say - Dr Suess
I'm Kaitlyn I have Important Jobs to Do - Bowman, Crystal
Valentine's Day - Nerlove, Miriam
House is a House for Me, A - Hoberman, Mary Ann
What If the Zebras Lost Their Stripes - Reitano, John
When I was LIttle: A Four Year-Old's Memoir of Her Youth - Curtis, Jamie Lee
Bear Stays Up for Christmas - Wilson, Karma
Where Do Ballons Go? An Uplifting Mystery - Curtis, Jamie Lee

ABC - Dr Suess
Police Officers Protect People - Greene, Carol
Walkingsticks - Frost, Helem
Praying Mantises - Frost, Helen
Ambulances - Freeman, Marcia
Counting Kisses - Katz, Karen
Animal Noises, Copycats - Powell, Richard
My Mama Had a Dancing Heart - Gray, Libba Moore
Chair for My Mother, A - Williams, Vera
Magnets - Blevins, Wiley

Puffer - Pillinger, Ian
St Patrick's Day Alphabet - Vidrine, Beverly
Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea- Peck, Jan
Seven Spools of Thread: A Kwanzaa Story - Medearis, Angela
Madeline and the Gypsies - Behlemens, Ludwig
Madeline's Christmas - Behlemens, Ludwig
Bear Stays Up - Wilson, Karma
Ready Readers Vol 2 - Fisher Price
Goodnight Moon - Brown, Margaret Wise
Zin! Zin! Zin! Violin - Moss, Lloyd

Best Place, The - Schlein, Miriam
Jack and the Beanstalk - Wells, Rosemary
Dr Suess ABC
Bear Wants More - Wilson, Karma
Hop Frog - Chrustowski, Rick
Johnny Appleseed - Benet, Rosemary and Stephen
Growing Frogs - French, Vivian
Winnie the Pooh: Be Patient Pooh
Nine in One Grr Grr - Xiong, Blia
Woolly Mammoth Journey, A - Miller, Debbie

Giddy-Up! Let's Ride! - McDonnell, Flora
Yoshi's Feast - Kajikawa, Kimiko
Olivia - Falconer, Ian
Japan - Marx, David
Are You My Mother - Eastman, PD
Japan - Schemenauer, Elma
Frogs - Gibbons, Gail
Bear Wants More - Wilson, Karma
St Patricks's Day Alphabet - Vidrine, Beverly Barras
Froggy Plays Soccer - London, Johnathen

Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip - Cole, Joanna
Magic School Bus and the Human Body - Cole, Joanna
Curious George and the Dinosaur - Rey, HA
St Patrick's Day - Gibbons, Gail
Paper Bag Princess, The - Munsch, Robert
New Coat for Anna, A - Ziefert, Harriet
Guess How Much I Love You - McBratney, Sam
Kissing Hand, The - Penn, Audrey
Mama Do You Love Me - Joosse, Barbara
Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon - Lovell, Patty

Library, The - Stewert, Sarah
Magnets - Blevins, Wiley

Rhiannon's Reads
What's the Weather Today - Fowler, Allan
I Can Ice Skate - Eckart, Edana
Madeline's Rescue - Behlemens, Ludwig
Madeline and the Bad Hat - Behlemens, Ludwig
Are You My Mother - Dr Suess
Jack and the Beanstalk - Wells, Rosemary
Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eyeore
mammals of Long Ago - Fowler, Allan
It's a Good Thing There are Insects - Fowler, Allan

Princess and Froggie, The - Zemach, Margot
House That Jack Built, The - Mayo, Diana
I'm Kaitlyn I have Impotant Jobs to Do - Bowman, Crystal
Ready Readers Stage One - Fisher Price
Jump, the sound of J - Klingel, Cynthia
Prehistoric Animals - Gibbons, Gail
Mitten, The -Brett, Jan
When Mammoths Walked the Earth - Arnold, Caroline (partial read)
Going to Sleep on the Farm - Lewison, Wendy
Pickles to Pittsburgh - Barrett, Judi

Quick as a Cricket - Wood, Audrey
Pocketfull of Kisses, A - Penn, Audrey
Ballerina Bear - Siewert, Pauline
Play Ball Amelia Bedelia - Parish, Peggy
Seven Days of Creation, The - Dayspring
Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon - Lovell, Patty
Amelia Bedia for Mayor - Parish, Peggy
Calling Doctor Amelia Bedelia - Parish, Herman
Oh Say Can You Say - Dr Suess
Paper Bag Princess - Munsch, Robert

Videos We Supplemented With
Land of the Mammoth - Discovery Channel
Ice Age - Fox Films
Raising of the Mammoth - Discovery Channel
Little House on the Prairie Season One
Tigers of the Snow - national Geographic

Last updated: March 23, 2005

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  1. ohhhh, GO DOG,GO was my oldest daughter's BOOK. You know, the one they must be read a zillion times, the first one they memorize.and quote from.
    (Do you like my party hat?)
    oh, they grow up so fast. It's a theme I can't seem to escape this week...