March 12, 2005

MN Laws Alert

All of you who live in Minnesota will want to take some time to read this recent release from Ed Action, it highlights some legislation in the works with the goal of "cradle to grave" oversight of education and our children. Some of these laws are the type that seem innocous as first but when combined with each other paint a different picture, it was nice to see them all together in one place for evaluation.

I am not an alarmist so I am not neccesarily condoning the tone you may see here, but I am one for always being as informed as possible and reading this article will help you be just that informed. You can then research each piece of legislation and decide for yourself what your opinion is on it before you take action. Modern day resources are amazing as most bills you can see online with the old text and the revised text and you can make sense of it yourself or you can look to experts you trust to help you make sense of it. But atleast make yourself aware. But do take the time to read through them and decide and then ACT. It is your rights, the rights of your children, your friends children, your grandchildren that are on the line.


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