May 10, 2005

"Abnormality, Thy Name is Homeschool"

Despite the scary title, it is actually a decent read and not one that will make your blood boil. The writer reviews the history of education and how schooling came about. Then states the reason homeschooling seems incompatible with modern day is because our families have fallen apart.

So, yes, homeschooling does seem a little odd to many. It seems unnecessary, not a good fit for most families. And in a certain sense, that assessment is correct. Homeschooling is not a good fit for the modern family, if only because the family has, in modern times, ceased to exist. Family cohesion has been obliterated in large part by the mass school.

Our society requires massive consumption. Needy, ignorant people consume more goods and services than educated, emotionally stable people do. The quickest way to create needy people is to obliterate the family. The quickest way to create ignorant people is to divorce them from their parents. The mass school is an excellent exercise in creating a market for your goods, whatever they might be. Unfortunately, what counts as goods for the market does not count as goods for the family—or, in the long run, for society.

Read the whole thing and see what your thoughts are. In the end personally I feel that "Abnormality, Thy Name is Homeschool" by Steve Kellmeyer seems to just provide more reasons to home educate your child and be a more cohesive family.


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