May 9, 2005

Mother's Day

We had a wonderful Mothers Day. Serona and the kids surprised me with a boat road around a nearby lake. It was wonderful, a delicious brunch, mimosas, and beautiful scenery all with my family. The kids got turns steering and driving the boat and it was a nice afternoon thankfully the weather held off.

We came home had family naps and then went outside to play, swing on the hammock and take rides on Serona's new lawn tractor! The kids think it is great, so do we as the yard takes half the time!

Out for dinner to a local Mexican restuarant we enjoy and home to work on my homeade Star Wars jedi costume. We are making a variation of Barriss Offee for my costume. Serona, Rhiannon and I all took turns sparring with our lightsabers as well.

It was a funa nd special day. Hope you all enjoyed yours.


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