May 6, 2005

Day Outside

We spent nearly the entire day enjoying the perfect 70 degree weather and beautiful sunshine! We met Serona for lunch and walked around a lake near his office where we saw many snapping turtles, geese, goslings, ducks, red-winged blackbirds, robins and other birds, fish slipping in and out of the water, the first butterfly of the season, moths, and even a deer!

This afternoon the kids and I went to one of Ciaran's favorite places to hear frogs where we heard loud choruses of spring peepers and chorus frogs though we never actually saw any much to his dismay. We did however see our first frog spawn of the year. Can't wait to go back and see the tadpoles. We also saw some cowslips, purple prairie flowers and lots of dandelions. I have had my first flower bouquets and flowers for my hair of the season!

On our walk we also saw a variety of birds though many were too quick for us to identify and we are not yet proficient at the calls. We will work on that this summer. We saw more geese, a hawk and some ducks and much to our dismay we picked four ticks off of us! We even saw a rabbit that the kids were very excited about but disappointed they could not catch. The frogs were very loud and at one point we got very close to one but we must have scared it because he stopped croaking and we couldn't find him.

I am beat tired but it was a good day, hopefully they will sleep well!

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