May 4, 2005

Ultimate Star Wars Geekdom

Okay so I have officially crossed over some geekdom line today. Serona and I purchased FX Lightsabers and they are awesome!

I have been blessed by being able to hide behind my husbands love for Star Wars as my excuse for dressing up in costume and getting into the movies. If I am fully truthful though I have grown to enjoy it nearly as much as he does (though I'm not sure I will ever reach his level). However, today when I held my lightsaber and it actually lights up and makes the sound effects from the movie when it powers on and powers down, when you swing it and when you clash with another lightsaber I admit I loved it and I am hooked.

As a family we spent some time dueling lightsabers. The kids still have the basic lightsabers but we had a lot of fun dueling with them and we let them take turns with the FX lightsaber with parental assistance of course! They also took turns wearing Ciaran's Darth Vade Voice Changing Helmet. I think this will become a family pasttime and we will not even need to purchase this lightsaber game.

Off to play with my new toy! Only 14 days and 56 minutes until the opener! Only 12 days until our Star Wars Open House week begins!


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