May 17, 2005

In a galaxy far, far away....

This is where we have spent most of our week and will through Sunday at least. We have opened our home to our friends, collegues and co-workers (family too if they lived closer) for an all week Star Wars open house, showing one movie a night until Sunday.

Beyond that we have made costumes, thanks J, and played in the Star Wars universe, with action figures, lightsabers and our imagination. The kids and I had several lightsaber duels throughout the day - it is great fun! This morning immediately upon waking Ciaran started having a lightsaber duel by himself with two different electronic lightsabers - he won in case you were wondering.

The hiss and hum of the lightsaber is one of the most common sounds in our home this week and that is just fine with me. When I got married I had a choice to make, I could either spend the rest of my life hating Star Wars and fighting about it - or I could embrace it. I chose wisely and embraced it. Star Wars is now quite a defining part of our family in a fun way. It is something fun and light (though Serona takes it quite serious)that we can enjoy as a family. It reminds Serona of his childhood and brings out the kid in all of us (yes even me), it has brought us together in something we all enjoy playing and watching together. We have gone to conventions, make family costumes, watch the movie over and over again and play games centered around it.

As I type this in our home library I look over at the entire bookshelf of Star Wars books and the following games out on the table (all Star Wars versions) Trivia Pursuit - DVD, Chess, Monopoly, Risk and Roleplaying RPG books. We decided we will introduce the kids to RPG (in a controlled and adapted way) to feed their imagination and give it an outlet. The kids colored pictures today, played imaginary games and finished mine and Rhia's costumes (we are both based off of Barriss Offee - a jedi from EPII). So I would say this is probably the way much of the rest of our week will continue.


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