May 5, 2005

Unschooling Spelling

I guess we are unschooling spelling right now. Just this week Rhiannon has taken a huge interest in spelling. She keeps saying I know how to spell x and then spelling it phonetically. It has been interesting. At first I was like oh that is nice but then I realized she is seriously interested in this and we keep going with it. She is so proud of herself and we of course are proud of her. Just, listening, praising and correcting right now.

Another upside of this is now Ciaran wants to learn his letters! Hooray! I have never pushed him for this in any way and he has shown little to no interest other than in learning to write his own name (so he can receive his own library card) but now he wants to know how to read and spell and he realizes that means he needs to learn his letters first.


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