May 13, 2005

Story of a Tomb

A woman died of pneumonia in the 1890's and they built this sculpture for her tomb. Her name was Asman. Her mother and father were out on a journey, a witch came and pretended to be her mother and poisoned her drink that made her fall asleep. Then she woke up when her mother came home the only way to make her wake up was to hug her. There are a hundred frogs hopping over the land and the frog kicked the woman as she died of pneumonia and they buried her in this tomb.

---Story by Rhiannon and Ciaran

This occurred spontaneously this morning as they were building blocks. I had to write it down and share.



  1. Love it!! How creative! Aren't kids great!? ;)

  2. That is GREAT! I've missed reading regularly while we've been en route. This was a great way to come back. :-)