May 3, 2005

Letting Them Lead

Every so often I decide to have a "Follow the rhythm of the Kids" day. I just kind of wing it and follow their lead. Today was one such day. As a result our day included the following:

Cave dwelling (under the kitchen table), fort building and lots of time in the fort, a science experiment wondering whether Parmesan cheese and soymilk will freeze or what will happen to them in the freezer (they also taste tested this one - bleech), discovering that magnetix actually stick to the wall in Ciaran's room as there is a metal plate along the edge (then we saw how high and how many we could stick to the wall), watching a terrible Lucas Arts Ewok cartoon, reading books, playing games with tights on their heads (they pretend to be wigs), lightsabers, jedi costumes, building xwings, death stars and spaceships with magnetix, drawing pictures for me and dad, practice writing name (Ciaran), reading aloud to siblings (Rhiannon), playing many rounds of Guess Who?, watching the birds in the yard, making brownies and fresh whip cream and many other fun and silly and mundane things.

It is interesting to see what they come up with as what they would like to do throughout the day. It is nice to have them take the lead some days and just watch the day unfold and then be amazed at how many interesting things we actually get done and the interesting conversations we have along the way.


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