May 4, 2005

Daddy's Walk

A letter Serona sent the kids from work today...

Hey kiddos.

I wanted to share some things that I saw today on my walk with you. Today at lunch time, I went on a walk around the lake near my office. I went with my friend Bob. It was so bright and sunny and warm - finally. It was good to get outside for a little while. Have you played outside at all today? Anyway, as we were walking the sun was sparkling off the lake and shining so bright. It made me happy to just look at it. I saw some geese on the lake too.

As I walked along we came to a forested part of the path. I heard something rustling in the underbrush by the path. When I stopped to look I saw a snake wriggling away up the hill. He was pretty. He was green with two yellow stripes along his sides. I think it was a garter snake. He kind of looked like this:

It was really neat to see him. As we walked along I thought of you two and how much fun it would be to be walking with the two of you as well. Then I saw a bright blue Robin's egg. Actually, it was only half an egg because it had hatched! I didn't see any babies though.

I walked some more and then I saw another snake. It was the same kind only smaller. Well, I just wanted to share a part of my day with you. I hope that you are having a good day as well.

Love Daddy

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  1. What a lovely letter, and a lovely idea to share your day with your children in that way. I wish my husband was as thoughtful.