May 18, 2005

A Different rhythm

Today we followed a different pattern to our day. It is rainy, cold and miserable and it has been for too long. The kids are getting ancy and it really isn't nice enough to take them out unless I want to be assured of more sickness. So I let them take turns picking what we would do today knowing that meant it would be a movie day.

Sure enough we began by watching an Ewok movie, followed by playing Star Wars chess. Then it was some quiet time alone playing. Off for video games, introduced to Tetris and then playing Super Bubble pop. Some more free time while I put Sirah to sleep. Then we all sat down and watched Cheaper by the Dozen together. I was working on my knitting (yes I am slowly learning) while we watched.

Then Ciaran decided to practice writing his name and Rhiannon wrote and illustrated a short story about a family with 12 kids. Sirah woke up and nursed and played nearby. Then upstairs while I made homemade soup for dinner they straightened their rooms. Sirah and Ciaran headed into the bathroom to give all of his plastic frogs a bath and good cleaning while Rhia and I sat on our overstuffed chair and she read two chapters of Black Beauty to me while I knit.

A wonderful afternoon, a nice lead up to the events of the night. It was such a nice day on what could have been terrible because of their moods and the weather that I did not even put up a fuss when they did not want to eat the soup I made. I agreed to their request for oatmeal for dinner!

Rhiannon is starting the water for the evening baths now, some storytime and an early bedtime tonight. The last few nights have been late evenings for them watching Episode I and Episode II so tonight we should have a nice early bedtime. Roomba is on her third room, the dishwasher its second round and most of the house picked up. If I knew watching TV could make the days run this smooth all the time I might allow for more of it. Of course I will not and honestly could not do it but it was a nice break and we still did enough other things to make it interesting overall.


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