May 27, 2005

People of Influence

Our pastor recently sent us an email asking us to write a few sentences about people who have influenced us and our lives. Serona's response:

Obiwan Kenobi. He taught me that, "there's no such thing as luck", to respond to threats and intimidation with kindness and possibly an offer of a drink, that power without control is dangerous and can lead to the Dark Side, and most importantly, to stay true to my beliefs even when others call them "hokey religions".

Yoda. He taught me to "Do. Or do not. There is no try.", and that wars do not make one great.

Darth Vader. He taught me to not be too proud of any technological terror I may construct. Also, that what others may view as a "sad devotion to that ancient religion" is actually quite powerful.

Luke Skywalker. He taught me to be careful of whom I kiss.

Han Solo. He taught me to not get cocky, that it's not wise to upset a wookie, and to fly casual.

Personally, my favorite description he wrote is Han Solo - though Obi-Wan is probably the most serious and probably has actually influenced Serona the most. When we were debate coaches (before the prequels) our debators referred to Serona as Obi-Wan and I was Yoda. Now that the saga is as complete as it is going to get I can say I have a whole new appreciation for Obi-Wan, Yoda and yes even Darth Vader/Anakin.


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  1. Hmmmm... Strong, the force is, with that one. :-)