May 17, 2005

Live worm birth?

Dy, over at Classic Adventures, has a great post about her son holding a worm while it gave birth. She had difficulty finding information about this online so I tried for quite awhile as well and could only come up with worms being born in cocoons. It is an interesting read. Maybe someone else knows about worms birthing other worms and can point her, and me in the right direction as I am now very curious.



  1. Worms give birth? I never knew that. Now *I'm* curious too!

  2. Update: I still don't know any more than I did before, but today there were two more. It was fascinating! We watched them for over an hour, and the behavior was even more interesting than the birth itself. We were hoping for triplets, but she (it? I'm still unclear on that part) stopped at twins. Still, it's fascinating. I have the camcorder charging, though, b/c I'd really like to catch this on tape and James is wholly motivated to keep "helping" with the births.
    Homebirth junkies and now wormbirth junkies! Who'd have thought it?