May 2, 2005

Mom Deserve High Pay

An interesting read, though nothing will likely come of it. Atleast maybe we will see some positive attitude improvement towards mothers who choose to stay at home with their kids. Read MSNBC's Study: Stay-at-home moms deserve high pay.

Of course by now I am so used to the lack of respect I get for my choices. All too often I am automatically written off as "just a mom" which I am but to be just a mom is the highest calling, hard work and the most worthwhile job I will ever have.

Here is my respect and appreciation for all that all of you SAHM and SAHD's do. Your children are blessed, your family is blessed, the whole world is blessed and don't forget you are blessed. Thanks for all your hard work, love, dedication and the thankless hours you put in.



  1. ah, if only there was a way to cash in on that $130,000+/yr....

  2. I could find some good uses for it!