May 23, 2005

State Capitol Tour

Last week for our field trip we went to our state capitol. We took an interesting tour with our homeschool support group and some others. We heard about the history, got to sit in the Governor's reception room and got to see teh gold horses on the top of the capitol building. We listened to the House in session for awhile and heard about different paintings and historical people.

After the tour was complete we met with a local representative and he took us into a conference room and answered the kids and parents questions. It was very ineteresting. He told us about his path into polticial life, what day might look like and a bit about his family, life as a Representative and some of the work he does. The kids had some interesting questions and it was an informative and good field trip. Serona went on this one with us as well which made it even nicer.

If you have yet to visit your state capitol I recommend it, we have done this several times now and I always enjoy it. Though young ones can be challenging and at times difficult there - overall it is a good trip.


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