January 27, 2005

Ceiling Art

No Serona, relax I did NOT let them paint on the ceiling! We are talking about Raphael and Michelangelo today and I thought it would be fun after learning about them for them to try to paint like they did. Now I am not a glutton for punishment so neither paint nor a real ceiling was involved. Instead I taped a long piece of craft paper underneath their desk and gave them markers to lay on their back and make their great masterpiece with.

First I had them flip through pictures and review some works from the great artists. Rhiannon noticed that there were lots of naked people running around and angels. We talked about how much of their work was for ceilings of chapels and churches. She wanted to know why our church did not have such artwork!

Rhiannon sketched and then colored a picture of me and her in heaven singing and praising to God. One of our dogs was also in the picture. She wrote My God love on it as well as mommy and kaity. She drew a frame around it. She sketched with markers and then colored in with crayons.

Then we talked about how it felt to work on our backs and what it must have been like for them and how amazing it is that those beautiul works of art are on celings.


  1. This is a GREAT idea. We don't use desks, but I think I'll tape some freezer paper under the table. :-)

  2. *Gasp* I actually did pause to breathe when I saw the title. nice.