January 7, 2005

Daily Round-Up

Sirah - played with blocks, read books, played at a friends house, played with stuffed animals, played finger games and name the body part game, lots of cuddles, especially enjoyed sharing cinamon roll with her sister, and no nap!

Ciaran - played with a neighbor boy got to use action figure superheros for the first time, had no idea who any were except spiderman - he had a blast (still glad we don't have them here though). He also colored a letter H book, talked about words that started with H, practiced writing his name and learned to memorize Humpty Dumpty and enjoyed a nice nap. His sister read him a Frogggy book so he was estatic.

Rhiannon - Read to her brother, read to her sister. Played with a horse stable at a friends house, drew some pictures, did some addition and math, worked on handwriting and played in an imaginary world. Helped me clean up the house and play with Sirah while I got work done. Some modelling clay is in her future as is some Vsmile game time.


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