January 5, 2005

SOTW Narration : Gods of Ancient Egypt

Review Questions
Did the Egyptians worship one or many gods? many
Can you name any of their gods? Osiris
Do you remember the name of Osiris evil brother? Set
How did Set get Osiris to lie down in the coffin? He said whoever fits in it will be the king (i corrected her to say can keep it)
Did Osiris stay dead? No when Isis wrapped him in cloth Osiris came to life again
they told this story to try to understand why the waters of the nile river came up to flood every year

Rhiannon's Narration
The Egyptians believed there many gods. They bowed down to more than one god. Osiris was the king of the gods. His jealous brother wanted to be king so he made a coffin he said whoever fits in the coffin will get to keep it. When it came to Osiris turn to try it it fit perfectly he laid all the way down in the coffin but suddenly Set closed the door and threw it into the Nile River. It floated down the River. Set wanted to be the king. When Isis wrapped Osiris in cloth he came back to life again. The Egyptians wrote this story to understand why the Nile River flowed up over and then went down again every year. They thought this story would help them understand. The End.

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