January 11, 2005

China Coop - week Two

Today we had our second week of China coop. The lessons the kids learned were well prepared and modified nicely for them. Today they learned how to speak some Chinese. They learned how to say hello and how to introduce themselves. They learned how to count to ten outloud and with their fingers (it reminded us of sign language), they learned how to speak their basic colors and after learning these they were each given a piece of paper with a Chinese word on it and they needed to arrange themselves in order from 1-10. They got up to 7 correct and needed to rearrange themselves for the last three.

They also learned about the Chinese New Year and the Lantern celebration. They each made a Chinese lantern and a dragon as their crafts. It was well organized, well prepared and the kids enjoyed themselves. We will finish our China unit with going to see a dance to celebrate the Chinese New Year. So it was nice for them to learn about. We had a good time.


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  1. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Sounds like a great introduction. (Did anyone mention that fortune cookies are as Chinese as chop suey?) Chop suey was made in California during the 'Gold rush era'. I don't know the details for fortune cookies. - Mei Que