January 12, 2005

Daily Round-Up

Today was a productive day though I did not originally think it would be. We spent majority of the day cleaning the house. Alternating between cleaning and playing spurts. From time to time we would also read. Today I limited reading choices to our library books around the H theme since I knew other schooling would be limited. So they still had some choice but within my guidelines. We read more non-fiction then they would have otherwise chosen, still they enjoyed the books we read. They also got to spend some time playing with their Vsmile video game system. Which is a video game but still has educational aspects, more like an educational computer game than a typical video game.

After cleaning was over Ciaran and Sirah took a nap. During that time Rhiannon and I worked together. It is amazing how much faster we can get things accomplished while the other two are sleeping. We worked through two lessons in First Language Lessons, a story of the world lesson, questions and narration, reciting bible memory verses for letters A-I and learning a new one. Rhiannon built a wonderful castle based off a picture she saw with her blocks and did an addition worksheet. She recited two poems for Serona and did her read aloud with him. We read quite a bit today and covered a lot more ground than I thought considering how much cleaning we did. I also got to go to water aerobics and run some errands by myself.

I am now sitting on the floor in the girls room trying to corral Sirah into her bed as she keeps trying to climb out as she fights sleep. She is a strong willed child there is no doubt about that. She made it past me and ran down the hall laughing and giggling besides herself thinking she was hot stuff. Think I am in for a long night of this. She is standing up in her bed talking to her animals. Sigh


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