January 5, 2005

Productive Morning

This morning Serona took Ciaran to see Frog and Toad at the Children's Theater and Rhiannon, Sirah and I have had a very productive morning. We have read a bible story, Rhiannon did her read aloud time, we reviewed bible memory verses A-G and learned H and I. We did two pages in Phonics Pathways, reviewing -ch and -tch diagrams. We read a chapter from Story of the World and did the review questions and narration. She has done online math worksheets in addition and subtraction, scoring a 90 and a 100 (she did use her abacus for parts of the subtraction sheet), and a coloring sheet for SOTW on Osiris and Set. All that is left for the day is a First Language Lesson and handwriting practice. It is amazing how efficient we were today and she is still in a good mood, no complaining or whining at all.

Sirah and I have played with blocks, stacking circles, and her shape sorter. We have read together, played with stuffed animals and of course nursed several times. She is also in a good mood. I am sure Ciaran is in a great mood on his special daddy date, seeing frog and toad on stage!


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