January 22, 2005

Finally! Snow!

The kids could not be more excited it is finally snowing. We are used to having much more snow by this point in the year. They have wanted to go sledding all winter and tommorrow they finally can. They got to do just a little bit of playing while I shoveled our long two car driveway! I got my workout and was exhausted. Tomorrow we will have a play day just enjoying the snow and shoveling some more.

Unfortunately the snow did make us cancel our mini vacation we had planned for this weekend with friends. We were going up to Duluth to see the owls. However 6-9 inches of snow in the Twin Cities and 16-20 in the Duluth area and hazardous winds made us decide it was not worth the drive. We were disappointed but we will have to just enjoy tucking in and enjoying the weather.


1 comment:

  1. Ah, snow. We actually got some here! WOOHOO! (Very rare for this corner of the world.) The Wonderful Neighbor and I were haggling over who got to shovel which part of the sidewalk- the key factor being, "HEY! That's 400 calories an hour! It's MY TURN!" LOL.

    Enjoy the snow, and stay safe.