January 30, 2005

Weekend Round-Up

Friday the kids and I had a long power struggle. It was amazing that it took nearly 5 hours for them to clean their rooms. Mind you they were not that messy and could easily have been picked up within a half hour. They just did not want to do it and were content staying in their rooms all afternoon and simply playing. It eventually got done, but not much else did that day.

Serona came home early and finished painting our living room (well two walls of it) the other walls will be a different color. We have valuted ceilings and a split level staircase, so this was quite a challenge and I appreciate his hardwork.

When he was done I headed out with Sirah and went to the closeout sale of a local school supply company. They were having incredible deals though the store was well picked over. The deal was 21.50 for up to 100 items. I filled up baskets with paint, chalk, books, books and more books (file folder games, teaching tips, activites, and workbooks primarily), desk tapes (like numberlines, signlanguage, multiplication tables, cursive, manuscript, etc), pens, markers, and little odds and ends. Mostly consumables and books. It was a great deal and I was able to get some of those extras that I always want to get but can never justify the expense for. The best part, they were selling store fixtures. I showed restraint and did not get all that I wanted for I was not sure I could think of a place for them. But I did get two of those nice book display racks. The kind you face the books out so the kids can see them. They retail for around 50.00 and I got two for 5.00. Incredible, I immediately came home and put them up and put the books on them. I wanted to get more but they were gone today.

Friday evening was our couples bible study and we hosted it at our home. It was a nice time and everyone enjoyed themselves. It is nice to finally have a group of Christians that we really connect with. Sometimes I honestly find it harder to be real with my fellow Christian brothers and sisters than with non believers. We have 5 families in our study and they are all great people and I look forward to working through our study together.

I came to the realization when they were here that Serona and I are truly geeks (he prefers "Early adopters" as a term) but we are well liked geeks. From our home library with over 1000 volumes, to our multiple degrees, to our wireless computer network (currently 4 computers), to our streaming radio and music on demand, to our flat screen wall mounted monitor in our kitchen to our roomba. We have some things people are not used to seeing in people's homes. They are topics of interest and discussion and make us a little weird but usually people see them in a positive light. They have become such features in my life that I just take them for granted sometimes. Though I truly am thankful for them and we have worked hard (mostly Serona has worked hard) to make them a possibility and reality in our lives.

We also had an evening with good friends, a couple that we really enjoy spending time with. We spent the evening drinking wine, eating good cheese and talking by candlelight in our library exploring new bands through online music. We shared the stories of how we met and some of the dramas of our lives. We laughed and were very open with each other. It was an exceptional way to pass an evening.

Blogging will be late on Monday as we have a full day planned in the morning.


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