January 12, 2005

Why I Hate Microsoft

Why Microsoft Sucks... Yet another them problem that becomes a me problem. They have disocvered yet another critical problems with their software that allows people to take control of my computer and delte my files. So now I once again need to update each and every computer on my network to prevent the problem. I even needed to change my browser to receive the patch as it was not available on any other browser than IE.

I truly wish that Linux was more compatable with other software as it is a much more secure system and they do not have nearly as many problems or cause me nearly as many headaches. However much of the software that we use requires windows so our computers are still locked into this. _sigh_

Check your computer and update your systems yet again. Don't be caught unaware. Visit Microsoft Windows Update and of course make sure you close your good browser and open up IE so you can install it.


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