January 27, 2005

Mother Goose and Frogs

Sirah and I went through the Mother Goose book we have and I did actions and sang some of them to her. She especially enjoyed Old MacDonald and anything that had a picture of a dog. She kept coming back for me to read her more. She also played on the slide and trampoline with Ciaran and kept trying to color pictures and their floor playmat while her siblings were using markers and crayons. She has wanted to nurse continuously today. She also played several games with Ciaran. It is nice when they get along so well.

I asked Ciaran what he wanted to do today because he asked me to do "schoolwork" while Rhiannon was. His answer of course was frogs. So I printed out a life cycle book for him and he colored the entire book. He did a good job staying in the lines, though by the end he was wanting it to be done and I noticed the quality of his work decreased. He definitely does better with coloring if he is only working on one thing and he knows that is all he needs to do.

We started to do the art lesson with him, I thought he would be into coloring under his desk, but I was wrong. So he played with Sirah while Rhia worked on art. This afternoon we will finish his H collage and read some books together.


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