January 20, 2005

Owl Lesson Plan

It recently came to our attention that the great gray owls and northern hawk owls have migrated further south and we are planning a weekend long feild trip/vacation to go owling in Duluth with another family of friends from our hs support group. In preperation for the trip I pulled together some of the following resources.

We seem to have fallen into a unit study pattern these past few weeks and I think it works well for us in the winter months when everyone is bouncing off the walls.

Facts, Information and Lesson Plans
North American Owls
Owl Lesson Plan
Kids Summary

Crafts and Coloring
Tracing Page
Paper Plate Craft
Flying Owl Craft
Ballon Craft

Video and Sounds
Owl Video
Owl Calls

Online Game and Activity
Owl quiz
Jigsaw Puzzle

Owl Babies - Waddell, Martin
Owls: Wild Birds of Prey - Kops, Deborah
Owl and the Pussycat, The - Lear, Edward
Owls - the Silent Hunters - Miller, Sara
Owl Moon - Yolen, Jane

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