January 4, 2005

RV Homeschooling

Here is the live journal of a Minnesota family who is RV schooling this year. This appears to also be their first forays into homeschooling, the kids went to private school until this year.

This is a dream Serona and I have for the kids when they are old enough to all remember it. With their age difference I figure we need to wait about 8 more years or so. Can't wait to see what the technology looks like by then. This family has satellite broadband interenet into their RV now what will it be like in a few more years?

This opportunity is becoming more feasible for more families. The technology is certainly there. Personally for our family securing the financial freedom to do such a thing would be the most challenging. Check out their story.



  1. Wow. What an incredible undertaking. I've always thought about how interesting it would be to take a year to travel with my family, but I've never thought it could be financially possible. It will be intriguing to see how things work out for the Kirkwoods. I'd like to read about how the family is getting along, and what the major challenges are for them!

  2. It looks like so much fun- we have 6 girls and we're planning an RV trip soon, I can't wait.