January 6, 2005

Field Trip Ideas

Here are a few of the field trips we have planned over the next coming months. You can also see my sidebar category for some we have done in the past.

glass blower
child safety class
fire station safety class
sports store
china dinosaurs museum
astronomy class
wildlife refuge
science fair
Mall of America Scavenger Hunt
Police Station Tour
bagel shop tour
pizzaria tour

Feel free to post any that you have done and enjoyed.


  1. I've always thought that a field trip to the main post office would be interesting. A printing press would also be a good one. Of course, I wanted to go into graphic design before I became a mama. :-)

  2. We did Petco. Negative points: the person who did the tour was unaware we were coming, though our coordinator had arranged the tour online and followed up by phone. He did the whole tour with info geared towards the adults and often did not call on children with raised hands unless their mom called his attention to them. There were no gift bags as promised, but we didn't care.
    Positive points: The store manager was FASCINATING and had great info, just didn't know how to bring it down a notch for our mostly preschool audience. The best part for our kids was watching a dog get a bath which wasn't part of the tour. The dogwashing girl was also wonderful with the kids which was just lucky chance.
    Field trip ideas I want to do: Mill city museum, Krispy Kreme, post office, greenhouse or gardening store. Conservatory at Como is a good destination in the winter no matter what, but I bet they do tours.

  3. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Ordway Center for the Performing Arts has great school day performances for $3. Thier wensite is www.ordway.org/education