January 24, 2005

Productive Weekend

This weekend was a big weekend. We were supposed to be in Duluth owling, but the snowstorm kept us here. We ended up making a homemade ice skating rink in our backyard, we are still working on it. Serona has been out there for a few hours each night spraying and smoothing the ice down to make layers of ice. First we shovelled off the snow into a large rectablge, then raked it then smoothed it with downspout plastic tubing. Then Serona flooded it. Our water pipes were too frozen to attach the hose outside so we had to run it from the sink in our laundry room!

We also painted two walls in our living room, or I should say Serona painted them while I helped with the kids. We have valuted ceilings and lots of wall over our split level staircase so this was challenging!

I made 5 scarves this weekend and did some work on a poncho, blanket and a prayer shawl. WE had a relaxing family weekend. We still ate takeout like we would have in Duluth. We watched movies, went sledding, played in the snow and shoveled. We made it to church and just got some things done around the home. Hope you had a good weekend.


1 comment:

  1. This sounds LOVELY! We had a very nice weekend, too. I thank God for snowstorms. It's just the right thing to take the pressure off and force a family to be at home.

    Please tell me more about the skating rink! How long will it take to complete? Would it be worth it for us to try such a thing in Ohio? We do have a small pond on a piece of property adjacent to us, but since it doesn't belong to us, I hesitate to use it.