January 7, 2005

One of Those Mornings

We had one of those mornings already. Ciaran pooped all through his clothes,lovely. I got eggs on the floor. The dog ate through one of Sirah's favorite toys and she dropped her other favorites in the tub where he brother was cleaning off so she can not have them. The dogs got into the trash which is all over my floor. The kids are complaining of sick stomachs and I feel sick myself. Oh happy day! Hope your morning is going better.



  1. You're blogging more than once a day!?!?!? No fair- I'll never get caught up!

    {{hugs}} on your day. Glad it's over and hope this weekend is much less colorful. At least, in that way...


  2. Hugs. Sorry about the rotten morning. Definitely been there, done that. And I don't miss having a dog at all. (Ours died in August.)