January 14, 2005

Writing Experiment

We are in the middle of conducting a history lesson and experiment. Today we wrote our names in hieroglyphics on papyrus scrolls (ok so I could not locate true papyrus so we used tracing paper to replicate the thin feel of it). After they dry we will attach dowel rods to them and roll and tie them like real scrolls would have been.

Then we will place them outside along with our dried clay cunieform writing tablets and see what happens to them. It is subzero here and the ground is wet so we have a theory. We have been talking about the advantages and disadvantages of paper versus stone and clay writings. After we bring them inside we will further conduct an experiemnt exposing them to a flood (in our kitchen sink) and see what happens.

The kids are enjoying themselves and I was even brave enough to have black paint out in the schoolroom with Sirah walking around, she did get some on one of her shirts!

While the paint is drying the kids are finishing their handouts from yesterday's snow plow tour. I'll update more later.


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