January 22, 2005


Rhiannon is getting back into the swing of daily work after a nice break with unit studies, horses, Little House on the Prairie, owls to name a few. We went back to Miquon math and she seemed to be thankful for the structure of it. She used a number line and cuisenaire rods to work through some subtraction problems today. It is nice when you see that she is going beyond being able to do the work to understanding what she is doing. For handwriting she wrote out the entire alphabet in uppercase and then in lowercase and then worked on H's and O's. She also made some pictures and cards that she wrote on. For reading time today she read me four books while I folded laundry. She also chose to read Ciaran and Sirah a book. I have noticed that she prefers "whole word reading" though so I think we will be pulling back out Phonics Pathways and working through that daily again. It is not that I object to her understanding words in context and recognizing them. The point is more that she needs to be able to sound words out and she has gotten further away from them as she has grown into a more confident reader. She keeps picking up more challenging story books each day to challenge herself. I am surprised at what she chooses and how well she can read many of them.

Ciaran asked to paint his letter H and then we worked on some math together. Practice recognizing sets of numbers from 1-9. Also on number recognition though the numerals still seem to not stick with him much. He did enjoy counting and playing games with the cards we were using. We also built a train and played with it together. We read and snuggled as well.

Sirah and I played with her farm today and she was trying to imitate my animal sounds. She got very into her play and it was fun. We also did some puzzles together, she is starting to get better at realizing the pieces can go back in instead of just come out. She prefers puzzles with the big handles. We also read together and played the body parts game. She sang and danced to something we were listening to and she kept climbing up on Rhiannon's desk trying to do "school" herself.

Tonight we had a family movie night after playing in the snow. We had pizza and watched the second half of The Happiest Millionaire. Then we got the kids to bed and Serona read on the couch while I finished off two scarves I was crocheting for friends. A few quick blogs and then off to bed to get rest for tomorrow.


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