February 13, 2005

Craft and Chat

Today I spent the afternoon at a friends neighbor's home. Their neighborhood holds a monthly "Craft and Chat" where the women get together with their handwork and share snacks, laughter and stories. I only knew two of the women and I had never been to their neighborhood. I felt immediately welcome and enjoyed myself. I managed to start and nearly finish an entire scarf for Serona (I needed about 15 more minutes to finish tonight at home) and met some new women.

The women were from all stages and places in life. Our host has two sons nearly grown at 18 and 20, my friend while married for 13 years has no children, there was another woman there whose partner is very ill, someone soon to be married, a wonderfully fun and crafty 60 year old woman and women all in between. Once again I was the youngest, you would think I would be used to it by now, and for the most part I am. There were people knitting, crocheting, quilting and doing beadwork. Someone was learning for the first time and others were just there for the conversation.

It was special to feel so welcome in their little community and I think I would like to try to start one in my own neighborhood. After all women have been sitting around together with their handwork for years. It is a great way to socialize and to get work done at the same time. It was also refreshing to not feel guilty to pull out my crocheting when I am with a group of people. I actually find that I listen better and am more relaxed when I can be working on it at the same time. However, I try to respect the fact that some people feel it is rude or distracting, though now I can actually do much of it without looking down, it is on autopilot for me.

I think part of why I love crocheting is that it allows me to be "productive" at times that I often feel ancy or am apt to get bored, for example when watching a movie, being a passenger in the car or being in a big group coversation setting. I love when I can pick up my work and continue whatever I am doing and have a nice end product when I am done.

Anyway if you do any crafty thing perhaps try organizing a "Craft and Chat" in your neighborhood or church community. It allows you to have a great excuse to get together and then gives you permission to work on your project while enjoying the company and free from other distractions.


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  1. Wonderful Neighbor and I do that during nice weather- we take the children to the park and let them play while we do our handwork. I love the idea of making a more diverse group and meeting at someone's home! Reading through this, all I could do was sigh and wish we had something like that. But then you went and pointed out that we could start one, ya know. ;-)