February 28, 2005

Weekend Roundup

We all were recovering from our illnesses, some still lingering here. Friday night Serona had our bible study on the subject of 9-11 and the recent Tsunami and how a loving God allows that. I stayed home with the kids as I was feeling quite sick myself. Saturday was a day of sleeping late and then we went to the Mall of America to walk some laps and people watch. Saturday evening I had my moms time out with several friends. They saw the movie Hitch but I could not meet them until after the movie was over so we all met for dinner and dessert at the California Pizza Kitchen.

Sunday was a day of naps, taking turns resting and relaxing. We had a nice dinner of chili tacos and then finished the evening off with reading a chapter of The Wind and the Willows and playing a game of Mr Mouth.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, enough already with the illnesses! Our own household has been dealing with the flu for three weeks. Hope you are all recovering and will be virus-free very quickly.

    Say, how do you pronounce Cieran's name (I think I misspelled it there)? All your kids have beautiful names.