February 18, 2005


We need to make phone calls again today to prevent regulating legislation from moving forward. We did it last year, we can again this year. Funny how it is the same Rep introducing a "different" bill but with very similar premises to what we fought against last year. Call today. To view the bill itself and its status go to the MN House of Representatives.

To read the summary and get the phone numbers to call, continue reading this message I got today. Please feel free to repost my post in its entirety or in pieces on your own blog.


February 18, 2005

Minnesota--Calls Needed To Stop Homeschool Regulation Bill

Once again, Rep. Mindy Greiling has introduced legislation to take
away the freedom of private and homeschools. Last year, she
introduced House Bill 1787. This year, it's House Bill 1079. This
bill would seek to regulate every school that accepts a child from a
family that claims any tax credit or deduction for educational
expenses, including homeschools. This bill must be defeated.


Please call the three sponsors of House Bill 1079 and ask them to
withdraw the bill by giving them this message, "Representative
Greiling proposed similar legislation last year. We opposed it
Please withdraw House Bill 1079 now!"

Representative Greiling: (651) 296-5387
Representative Murphy: (651) 296-2676
Representative Scalze: (651) 296-7153


Unlike most states, Minnesota currently provides a tax credit for
low-income families with children in private or homeschools, and a
deduction for families who make more money. This is a real benefit
for families, but it provides a tempting target for legislators who
want to regulate private education. House Bill 1079 would force
school that accepts a child from a family that plans to take a tax
credit or tax deduction to submit to the additional regulation of the
Pupil Fair Dismissal Act.

This bill appears to be a straightforward attack on private school
freedom. To the best of our knowledge, there are no specific problems
in current law that support the proposed changes. Whether or not
family currently takes advantage of these tax breaks, this bill is a
slap in the face of every Minnesota family that spends their own
to educate their own children. Similar legislation was defeated last
year. Let's do it again!

I spoke with the chairman of the House Education Policy Committee,
Representative Buesgens. He says he does not support this bill.
Since the chairman of the committee is not in favor of this
legislation, it is now up to us to persuade the sponsors of the bill
to withdraw it.


Scott W. Somerville
HSLDA Staff Attorney

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  1. Good luck, guys!! Fight 'em to the end!