February 7, 2005

It's Never Easy

I just spent the last hour and a half trying to configure my new wireless PC card so that my laptop can connect wirelessly in our home. I know the theory is that this is "plug and play" hardware and the software comes with it, yet it never works that way for me. Just once it would be nice if something actually worked out of the box without hours of configuring and troubleshooting.

I am too tired of being on my computers to blog anything worthwhile right now. Just my frustration - it seems that it is always this way when I try to add something to the computer. I am a computer literate individual and an early adopter. I am good with technology and I can only imagine what the average person would feel like after this amount of time. Atleast I am rewarded with it currently working. Who knows if it will work again tommorrow.

For school today Rhiannon did some math worksheets - addition of three numbers and subtraction. She also read several books to both Sirah and Ciaran. She wrote Valentines for her friends for handwriting and played some. Ciaran stacked blocks working on smaller and larger and relationships. He also practiced counting items with me in a counting book and with his blocks and toys. He was naming colors and just playing around. Sirah was nearby and involved in everything we were doing and apparently gave daddy a hard time at bedtime tonight.

Serona and I bought furniture today with some of our tax return. Hooray! A new couch for the library and a chair and ottoman for our living room. We are also getting a replacement for our broken futon and possibly a new mattress! I love having our taxes done so early and efiling. It makes the proccess so easy, if you have not done it yet I recommend using turbotax online, after years of doing it all manually myself I love it! This is our second year. If you use it from year to year they can add in much of your data and the proccess goes very quickly. I always have mixed feelings at tax time - we typically get a nice return back. Part of me gets frustrated at giving Uncle Sam a hefty tax free loan but then on the other hand it is like a forced savings plan for us. Where we could easily spend an extra 400 a month, getting it all at once has its advantages. Every year we take more deductions trying to figure out how to get the government to take less out and we never seem to find the balance.

Well I need to get off to bed.

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  1. You have inherited your father-in-law's computer frustration disorder!