February 12, 2005

Good Neighbors

By now most of you ahve probably heard the story of Taylor Ostergaard and Lindsey Zellitti who left cookies as a kind gesture for their neighbors and ended up in the middle of a lawsuit and received a $900 fine for their kindness. The blogosphere was all abuzz about it last week. Serona, my husband, actually called and talked Taylor's father. He was very kind on the phone and in good spirits, he explained more of the story than the media has focused on, including the fact that the families, while not well off, had offered to pay her medical expenses if she would sign a waiver from making future claims regarding the incident. Young refused and took the matter to court!

Serona also includes a follow-up response, and an address to send letters or for a fund set up to help the girls. The legal expenses have already been covered but people are still sending in money and letters of well wishes, even in small increments to show their appreciation for random acts of kindness and the good hearts of these girls.

The girls are using the money that exceeds the legal expenses to donate to two children's hospitals and for a college fund. If you still beleive in random acts of kindness, show these girls your support with a letter and/or a donation:

Taylor Ostergaard
Lindsey Zellitti
P.O. BOX 2528
Durango, CO 81302

It is one thing for us to say we are outraged, it is another to let our time and our pocketbook follow through. While you are in the generous spirit, if you have not already then please donate to the tsunami victims.


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