February 25, 2005

Flash card morning

We have had a morning of flash card games. We reviewed insects and dinosaur types using the flash cards. Rhiannon worked through over 50 sight word cards (front and back), she also worked through some digraph cards while I worked with Ciaran on letter recognition and numbers 1-10. We went through each card A says ah, alligator, A, etc for each and then through them quickly just saying the letters.

He is starting to show some interest in learning to read and has accepted that he needs to learn his letters, which until now he has shown little to no interest in despite all the letter games and activities we do. We also went through the number cards 1-10 and then I had him show me the numbers up to 5 using his fingers. If he takes his time he gets them right, when he rushes he does not. He often wants to rush, so reminding him to slow down is usually all the help he needs.

Sirah played nearby with all the flash cards making big messes and then with some puzzles. Periodically she would run over and say "lap" and leap into my lap with her newest find, a flash card or book, then she would be off again.
getting better! They had fun, I was first to lose and then the game seemed it would never end going back and forth between the two of them. Until Rhiannon decided to cheat and Ciaran insisted the game was over because she cheated and he won.

As I type this Rhiannon is in the family room wearing her Laura and Mary dress and apron setting up house for them to play in. Ciaran is following Sirah around asking her who she wants to be "Ooack, Pack, Nack, or Quack" from Make Way for Ducklings which we read yesterday. They played with our plastic insects and built a house for them with our wooden blocks and played a variety of games. For some reason they now are playing Harry Potter, which they have neither seen nor heard read to them. They have seen the book covers and know that Serona and I read them. It will be interesting to see what this game they play is. Off to get them ready for the snow.


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