February 6, 2005

Sirah's Day

Yesterday was a fun day with Sirah. She is growing up so much so fast. Yesterday I got to spend a good amount of time just playing with just her. It was a nice treat. We played with puzzles, stuffed animals, blocks, her hammering pegs and lifelike plastic animals. One of my favorite things to do with her was sit on the floor and name the animals and their sounds. She amazed me when she could point to the animal I would name and we did some not so obvious or typical ones like panda, kangaroo and monkey as well as dinosaur, pig, sheep, dog, frog and some others.

I also love playing peekaboo with her and she is starting to enjoy reading more. At one point yesterday she cimbed on the couch with a book, laid on her stomach and flipped through it kicking her feet she was extremely cute and by the time I got the camera she was done. We danced, played dress up she was a ladybug and bob the builder, and she helped Ciaran and I make cookies.

Her language is getting much better and so are her fine motor skills. She went up and down the slide so many times yesterday and is wanting to play with her musical instruments more. We set up the easel and clipped some paper to the bottom and gave her some crayons and she made some artwork for us which she was very proud of.

It was a great day for Sirah, even though she did not fall asleep until after 1am!


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  1. *sigh* I love the days we take to remember just how much joy our children bring. This sounds like a beautiful day.