February 22, 2005

Thailand Animals

Today for the first part of our Thailand country coop we focused on the animals of the country. Each child presented a brief report about their animals. They either drew a picture or colored one and the older ones wrote a few sentences about the animals. One by one they each got up and presented their animal to the group. Each child had a piece of paper they drew the background of Thailand on for the animals to go on. After each presentation the kids received a small picture of the animal to add to their picture of Thailand. It was our first time letting the kids present a whole section of coop and it went very well. Afterwards we voted and the kids chose to follow this format each week.

Some of the animals covered were the kittis hognosed bat (smallest mammal), the reinwardt's flying tree frog (ciaran's), the sun bear (rhiannon's), asian elephant, indo-chinese tiger, siamese fireback pheasant, tessaratomidae nymph, draco lizard, golden birdwing, sand-bubbler crab and the sumatran rhino. The kids did a nice job presenting and here is a copy of Rhiannon and Ciaran's projects.


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