February 25, 2005

Thai food

We had Thai food last night for dinner to finish out our month on Thailand. The kids liked the wontons, spring rolls and sticky rice. Sirah loved the fried tofu in sweet and sour sauce. None of us myself included enjoyed the hot hot curry we got. Serona will love the leftovers though.

The kids noticed that much of the food was similar or the same as Chinese food. We sat around bowls on the floor together to imitate a more traditional meal there. We obviosuly did not have meat with our meal but we did have a variety of appetizers and then veggies to choose from.

I had not planned ahead enough or I would have had fresh fruit like mangoes, papyays and coconut for them to try again. Though I will cut myself some slack as they did try all these things during our first week of Thai coop.

We also had another modification to our meal as we can not have fish or oyster sauce being vegetarians, which seriosuly affects the traditional taste of most Thai dishes. I was excited to have Pad Thai - but realized I can not still as Sirah still has a peanut allergy. Overall though it was fun to do. When we went to the restuarant to pick the food up, (I did not want to eat alone there with the three of them) the kids looked around at the art work and decorating. They both noticed a tribute to Buddha quickly and when they mentioned it the staff who was helping us seemed surprised. You know about Buddha? They both smiled and said yes. Then I explained that we had been studying Thailand for the month, and this was our final activity. He was definately surprised I think given the ages of my children.


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